The Katharine Loucaidou Real Estate Group, powered by eXp Realty Brokerage, is a modern, technologically advanced, marketing and branding hub with a proven track record of exceptional results. Buying and selling a home with The Katharine Loucaidou Real Estate Group is truly a superior experience compared to working with other real estate agents or teams.

In addition, when you work with the Katharine Loucaidou Real Estate Group you get a whole team of specialists to make sure everything goes as planned. We direct each specialist’s efforts to meet your individual goals! Most of the effort involved in buying your home centers around administrative details – scheduling appointments, arranging home inspections, arranging bank appraisals (if needed), transaction processing, etc. The tremendous amount of detail and paperwork involved in real estate transactions translates to the average agent spending most of the time completing activities that do not focus on finding your perfect home.

Over 50% of our teams’ business comes from referrals and past clients. Our clients rehire us because of our experience and excellent customer service. They also refer their family, friends and co-workers to us for all their real estate needs; proof of a job well done!



Are you an Agent who Wants To Work Reasonable Hours, Make More Money and Have a Fulfilling Life! Instead of over promises that somehow will miraculously make a difference in your business, we will teach you the secrets of real top-producing agents that actually make you real money!

We are an Award-Winning Real Estate Group…With An Overflow of Serious Prospects… Seeking Professional Full-Time Inside & Outside Sales Agents Who are dynamic, highly skilled and determined to make a better life for themselves and help the team achieve their goals.

Our training program will teach you everything you need to know, however previous experience is welcome.

The good news is that there is a better and easier way to be successful in the real estate industry…it has already been figured out and all you have to do is copy it!


If you want to take advantage of a real opportunity, then all you have to do is answer a few simple questions and take action!

Are you driven, self-motivated and do you have a good work ethic? (If you think real estate is easy, then STOP right here.)

Are you open-minded and coachable?


If you answered yes to these two questions then we have several sales opportunities available:

A. Join the Katharine Loucaidou Real Estate Group – become a part of an industry-leading team that provides invaluable training for all experience levels.

B. Partner with us at eXp – Empowering real estate agents to reach the highest version of themselves in business and life within a supportive, collaborative community of like-minded successful industry professionals.

If you want to speed up the process, you can head over to realestate-reimagined.ca to find out more and schedule your free confidential call with me! Find out how you can experience the difference and begin re-imagining the way real estate is done.


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