3 Home Improvements That Aren’t Worth It


Thinking of doing some renovations this year? Read our Top 3 Home Improvements to Avoid to make sure that you’re getting the best return on investment.

1. Knocking down valuable walls

There are numerous home improvement projects that will surely increase your home’s worth, but some should be done with caution. Knocking down internal walls is not the best idea, especially if you’re removing a valuable room from your home. For example, an ensuite bathroom can be very desirable in massive homes, while some buyers may prefer a private home office that’s away from the hubbub of your living spaces.

Photo by Rene Asmussen

2. Installing a Swimming pool

Installing a swimming pool is one of the home improvements that we don’t think is worth it. Although the pandemic has made us spend more time outdoors, swimming pools are “actually so expensive despite such a low return investment, with installation costs up to $90,000/£60,000 more.” (Homes & Gardens).

3. Overspending on High-End Appliances

You might consider investing in high-end appliances that have shiny bells and whistles and features that will make your life easier. But those high-end appliances may not actually add much value to your home compared to the amounts you’d be spending on them!


We hope our 3 Home Improvements to Avoid gave you some insight into which areas of your home you can save money on!

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