A New Exciting Era for Outdoor Recreation: Bigwind Lake Set to Become Bracebridge, Ontario’s First All-Season, Full-Service Provincial Park in Over 40 Years

Bigwind Lake in Muskoka, Ontario new all season full service park

Bigwind: Ontario’s First All-Season, Full-Service Provincial Park in Over 40 Years Is Set to Revolutionize Outdoor Adventure

An Exciting Transformation for Bigwind Lake Provincial Park

In the heart of Ontario, east of Bracebridge, a revolution is underway. The quiet and serene Bigwind Lake Provincial Park, once a non-operating entity, is on a journey of transformation. Destined to become Ontario’s first all-season, full-service provincial park in over 40 years, Bigwind Lake is poised to cater to a growing demand for diverse and immersive outdoor recreational experiences.

This transformation will bring about a substantial change in the dynamics of outdoor recreation in Ontario. David Piccini, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, announced this ambitious project with palpable excitement. “This will be the first new operating provincial park in almost two generations, and with the demand on our parks system on the rise, our government understands the importance of investing in Ontario Parks, which is the largest provider of outdoor recreational experiences in the province,” he declared.

The Future of Outdoor Adventure

The new incarnation of Bigwind Lake Provincial Park promises a wide range of amenities and activities. The park is designed to be a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring overnight and electrified campgrounds, backcountry camping, and a plethora of four-season recreational activities.

From invigorating cross-country skiing and tranquil canoeing to exploratory hiking, the park is set to deliver an exceptional outdoor experience. The expansion plans are equally impressive. Once the project is complete, the park will add an extra 250 campground campsites and up to 25 new cabins to the Ontario Parks system, thereby significantly increasing the capacity to accommodate more nature lovers.

Sustainability: A Core Commitment

At the heart of the park’s design is a commitment to sustainability. The park will feature modern, low-energy buildings, readily accessible biking and walking routes, and electric vehicle charging stations. Care has been taken to ensure wildlife-friendly planning and design, affirming the government’s commitment to protecting and preserving the natural environment.

The goal is not only to provide a memorable outdoor experience for visitors but also to ensure that the park continues to coexist harmoniously with the natural landscape for future generations. This holistic approach to designing an outdoor recreational space is a testament to Ontario’s dedication to fostering sustainability while promoting outdoor activities.

Involving the Community

A project of this magnitude benefits greatly from community engagement. The government plans to involve Indigenous communities, local municipalities, stakeholders, and the public in the development process of the new park. The public will have the opportunity to provide input on the park’s design features until Aug. 6. Following this period of engagement, construction is slated to begin in fall 2024.

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  • Spanning nearly 5,000 acres (1,967 hectares), Bigwind Lake Provincial Park outpaces the size of Arrowhead Provincial Park in neighbouring Huntsville by more than 50%.
  • The ecological richness of the park includes five distinct lakes, expansive upland forests, and diverse marshes and meadows.
  • The economic impact of park visitors is substantial. It’s projected that once operational, visitors to the park will contribute approximately $16 million annually to the economies of Bracebridge and neighbouring areas.
  • The transformation will position Bigwind Lake Provincial Park as the 116th operating provincial park in Ontario.
  • In the past ten years, the number of visitors to Ontario’s provincial parks has seen a steady increase, hitting an impressive 12.1 million visits in 2022, cementing the park system as the leading provider of outdoor recreational activities in the province.
  • Ontario oversees a network of 340 provincial parks and 295 conservation reserves, which collectively represent 9.8 million hectares, or 9% of the province.

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