Interior Home Styling Trends

Interior Home Styling Trends For The 2021 Winter Season


Let’s set the mood as temperatures are dropping and we say goodbye to those sunny days, it’s time, once again, to retreat into our homes. A new season is upon us, which suggests it’s time to spruce up our homes. We’re seeing a more relaxed version of the so-called ‘new luxury’ for 2021 winter interior home styling trends, all of which are guaranteed to bring warmth, comfort and a fresh new look to your home.

1. Touch-me textures

Soft accessories with extra comfort such as flannel sheets, cashmere or wool throws, and cotton quilts are a treat for the senses. Having a medley of matt-velvet folded over the back of a sofa, thrown on a bed, or rolled in a large basket also gives the visual feeling of warmth and comfort.

Level up by luxurious factor by replacing subtle weaves with knitted poufs and huge chunky cable-knits. Faux fur stools are perfect for added seating, while sheepskin rugs offer a warm underfoot on cold days.

Touch-Me Textures

2. Earth Wood Elements

Inspiration from the great outdoors such as timber tones with earthy shades such as muddy brown, warm greens, rust and caramel. Match classic blue with warm timber tones, as oceanic blues sets a tone of calm and serenity for a relaxing retreat. Textural fabrics and touches of brass give a warming effect while acting as a natural insulator. Furthermore, a simple basket with cut fire logs also gives the feeling of being in a great rustic cottage.

3. Shades of Grey

Nature’s neutral palette, charcoal, stone, mist and fog make their way inside in both prominent furniture pieces as well as accent decor. Silver tree branches, smoky fireplaces, and frosty window panes no wonder varied shades of gray are certainly a winter interior design faves.

4. Indoor plants

There’s just something about being stuck at home that made indoor gardening more popular than ever. This season, it’s all about statement plants like Calathea and marble queen photos. Low maintenance and easy to grow rubber plant trees with emerald green and yellow colour will create the ultimate statement in any home.

Banana leaf plants give impact and drama to the corner of a room. On the other hand, dried ornamental grasses and some flowers require very little maintenance and can last up to two years, while adding a wonderful, wintry vibe to your home.





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