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The Importance of Getting a Home Inspection In 2022


When purchasing your new home, we highly recommend you have a Professional Home inspector conduct a thorough home inspection. We asked Panos Loucaides from the Inspection Services Group to explain the importance of getting a Home Inspection, especially in today’s real estate climate.

Panos conducting a home inspection
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“An inspection allows you to fully understand the general maintenance needs that come with owning a home, as well as explaining and addressing any specific concerns pertaining to your new home. Your home cannot “pass or fail” an inspection; the inspector’s job is to make you aware of any repairs that are recommended or necessary going forward.”

We also asked what you should expect out of your home inspection..

“The home inspection period is not a time to re-negotiate the offer you have already made. But rather a time to ensure the condition of the home is acceptable. Your inspection report will point out many items for you to be aware of. After reviewing your report, it is important to focus on your Top 5 items of concern. We will address these items via a document we’ll deliver to the Seller’s Agent, allowing them to correct any items of concern that may have come up in the home inspection.”

Panos Inspection Services Group
Image Provided by Inspection Services Group

The inspection is over.. what now?

“After the inspection is complete we will then do a walk-through of the property and address any further concerns. You will receive the written report of all findings from the inspection, this report goes into great detail on issues ranked by their level of concern”

The Inspection Services Group was recently interviewed by CHCH-TV to talk about the importance of home inspections and the dangers of going without. A must-watch if you’re currently in the home buying process and thinking about the benefits of using a home inspector.

If you’re looking for more information about the home buying process and aren’t sure where to start, then we highly suggest you flip through our Digital Home Buying Guide for an in-depth look into the whole home buying process. Inside you will find; tips to prepare for buying a home, what to expect from the buyer process, types of properties we may come across, inspections, writing the offer and so much more!




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